Signup failed for external collection user signup API call

I am getting a signup failed pop-up message when running my signup external API call

The test is successful here:

It also works when I’m making my custom action…

Yet I always get this pop-up error message and a new user does not get created in my external database

Any ideas?

Hi @cardinalsofnc,

No problems in here!

Does the email that you entered is in your Xano user table?

Xano automatically creates some filters for the password column. Does the password that you entered matches for them?

Thank you

None of the emails are in the Xano user table. And, the password doesn’t match.

Also, even when I get the signup failed pop-up, my users are able to advance to the next page. Why is this conditional logic not working? I only want users to advance to the next page when signup is successful.

I mean does the password contains these filters that Xano adds automatically?


Make it like this! :