Using External User and how to handle when getting success failed?

Hi all,
I use external user signup and login on my app. When the user enters the wrong password or does not meet the password rules, the back-end gives a “Success Failed” error. But when I try to signup or log in on the page designed by using Adalo and retrieve the “Success Failed” error, the system allows me to go next page, although I didn’t signup/login.
How can I catch this error message and not allow it to go next page?
I really appreciate that your help. @Colin, @Ben

Set the action that links to the next page to only happen “Sometimes”. Then you can set a condition so it only happens if the registration was successful. Or you can make it so it links to another page if registration failed!

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Thanks, it worked. :+1:t4:
one step further, I send an error message for any condition from the backend. Is that possible to distinguish the error messages and show the user this message separately? For example, when the user tries to sign up, if the chosen user name already exists, showing this message to the user or if the entered password cannot follow the rules, but the user name is valid. Only showing the message to the user about the user password rules.

You can do that with conditions too, but it’ll be easier to use the input validator component from NoCodeMonkey NoCode Monkey Input Validator ($25)