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Hi there,
I’ve just launched my app yesterday :fire:


Some users sign up with a space after their surname or name, and then, it’s visible in the comments part for example : “Tony Stark posted a comment” instead of “Tony Stark posted a comment”

How can i change it easily ?

Using Zapier, i think…but something like that is available on Adalo ?

Thanks guys !


You can’t natively change it on Adalo. You could implement some UX/UI to indicate to the user there’s a space.

Consider showing them their username in context when they’re signing up so they see it. Something like:

Username: "John Doe "

So they can see they’ve added extra space.

Hope that helps,

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Yes, thanks Erik.
Good idea.

I will try to do something with Zapier too.

Done with Zapier :ok_hand:
Using Formatting tool avec Trim Whitespace !


We created a component that will allow you to exclude spaces (it triggers an action so that you can warn the user not to include spaces), if you want to stop it from happening in the first place.
However, it seems like your Zapier method would work as well.
If you’re interested, I could let you test it out for free to see if it’s a good fit for you.
You can see a video of the component on our website,



I’m curious about a test :wink:
Thanks Michael

Send me DM

Perfect solution! Thanks man I could not figure this out by myself. One question, what do you do in your 3rd step (Action: 3. Text) in Zapier? Is that still related to the whitespace trimming?

2/ Text : First Name

3/ Text : Last Name

Then, Update both :wink:

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