Usernames with space, @, #

Trying to create usernames similar to twitter @username.

I want to make sure the user isn’t able to use @, #, or spaces in the name but for some reason it isn’t working. I’m trying to set conditionals for visibility based on whether the text input contains one of these features but it doesn’t work.

Any advice or anyone have experience making something similar?

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@ and # are working. But I can’t seem to exclude spaces.

Are you able to share how you were able to exclude those characters from usernames?


Actually, what I tried didn’t end up working.
There’s two issues.

  1. You can not use a space as a trigger for an action to work.
    “Sometimes visible: if input 1 contains a space.”
    This doesn’t work. However it does work for @ and #.

  2. Second problem. You need to be able to say “Sometimes visible: if input 1 does not contain a space.” However we don’t have the “Does not contain” option.

The only way I have thought to accomplish this is by having a separate rectangle that becomes visible and covers/blocks the Submit button if the input contains a @ or # sign.
I haven’t tried this yet. This wouldn’t solve the space issue though.

Im having this issue with space in my app, very sad.

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