Sing in with google don´t show all my accounts

I use the “Sign-in with Google” component on my app. It works perfect on PWA; however, whe I try to login in a native android app the login don´t show me all the accounts that I have in my phone. DIrectly sing in with the previously account that i was conected.

How can i solve it?

Hello, the Google credentials for the PWA sign-in should be different than those for native apps. So you have to create other credentials for the native apps Google sign-in.

Thank you!

How should i do It?

It’s the same way as you created the credentials for the web, but instead of the web, select native app while configuring the credentials.

Thank you!

Mmmm … when i create the app i suppose that the credentials sets automaticaly.

I only place the Google sign in on the screen after configure It.


" select native app while configuring the credentials."

where should i do it?
I have it

I don’t how to solve It.

Hello, this is a tutorial on Adalo that will help you configure your Google sign-in component, step by step in order to implement this feature on your app. :

Thank you!

Thanks to you!!
In ios works perfect ! It shows me all the accounts that I have in my phone

You’re welcome!

In android continues the problem … I don´t know what to do and how to do it?

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