Single Radio or multi-select form

I can’t seem to find any good information on how to build a single radio selection or multiple select option within a form.

The use case I’m working with is that I want to have a screen that asks the user to select their gender after their account has been created. It would be a required form, and only 1 option may be selected. I’m struggling with how to get the database setup to either show these in a dropdown, or how to set up simple checkbox fields that only allow one option to be selected, and force at least one option to be selected.

Similarly, I can’t find information for a multi-select dropdown where I need users to select multiple sports they participate in from a pre-set list of sports.

These seem like pretty basic input types - so I’m really surprised that I’m struggling to find information. Can anyone point me on the right track?

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1 must-see Docs :

IF what you search returns “NO RESULTS” and IF its a Request here :
Than yo know its “really” not yet available.
and yes, there are many as you call “basic things” on the road map… :grin: :grin:

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