Site Cannot Be Reached

Suddenly my users are getting this screen when they try to access the PWA:

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 7.37.50 AM

Can anyone give me an idea why this is happening? I haven’t changed anything about the domain or the publishing details on Adalo.

You may need to contact your domain host to enquire if there is a problem on their side.

I saw this topic. Checked my PWA, and it said the same thing. I logged in and my project was not there.

Is this some type of glitch?

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I thought so. Unfortunately, I’m not in direct contact with the domain hosts. I just built the app for the owners, so I can’t communicate with the hosts myself. Other services on the domain are ok, only this subdomain has an issue.

That’s interesting. @Colin, any thoughts?

can you still see your project in Adalo?

Can you DM the app ID’s of these apps that are having issues please.

sent a DM with a link that I pulled from a prior support ticket.

Yea, I can see the app and preview it through my Adalo account

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