Slider shows NOTHING AVAILABLE for Property to Adjust

I’m trying to add the slider component as the input for a Database Collection that has a Number Property but the pull down menu for “What property does this adjust?” only ever shows “Nothing Available” even though I have several collections with number properties. No magic text either. Is there some other step that needs to be set or linked that isn’t covered in the official documentation?

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The Slider component is an “update” component that requires data to be on-screen in order to link the parameter.

So by default, the only options you’d have on-screen if there is no other data is any logged-in user number parameter, like this:

Now if you want to use this slider to update a number parameter in a different collection, ensure that you have the data on-screen.

For example:


Adding a video to the Awesome explanation by Flawless!

( Video posted in this post : Slider and Checkboxes in Form - #8 by dilon_perera )

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Thanks @Flawless, I was indeed trying to change the number in a different collection. Following your screenshots I reattempted and noticed I wasn’t linking the data to the next screen, once I added that Action in the submit button it worked as per your screenshots (funny I didn’t have to do that for Lists, which was what was throwing me off). I do want to have the slider in the same page as the entry form though and I saw @dilon_perera video will get me there. So thanks to both and the great first forum experience! :grin: :+1:


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