Smaller.Events : Meetups made d i s t r i b u t e d

Proud to unveil an app I developed at a hackaton last weekend that addresses a problem I see with Meetups right now:

I did a full write-up and video demo here. Basically this gives anyone the ability to “shard” a Meetup across multiple locations to service the demand for Meetups right now while respecting local restrictions for group gatherings.

This works great for networking events, obviously less so for anything like an educational seminar where there’s a unique component that isn’t easily replicable across multiple locations simultaneously.

Take it for a spin with a local Meetup near you that has a huge waitlist and let me know what you think.

Congrats on the launch @grid7 and a very interesting approach to a currently widespread problem. Looking forward to seeing where this goes! Please keep us updated!

very smart you need to work more on it and expect it to go viral