SMS to a group of contacts

I need to be able to text a group of users. i can text individuals with a twillio API integration but when added to a group in database I’m unable to get this working. is there a work around?


A brief research shows that:

First few google search results for the keywords “twilio sms multiple recipients” also bring some interesting ideas.

Best regards, Victor.

wow thanks for the detailed response. how would i iterate the recipients one by one

Hi Josh @JBCA,

The only way to do it in Adalo is to use countdown timers in a list (similar to what’s done here, but I would not recommend doing it for any list longer than 5-10 records.

You can use something like Make ( to create a scenario which will take the users you need from an Adalo collection and then send the messages to each user. There are other 3rd party platforms which can do it as well. Keep in mind that you will need to have Collections API enabled to make it work in Make (not available on all plans).

Best regards, Victor.

i managed to get it connected but I’m struggling how to get make to see the individual users in the group. could you give any tips @Victor

i’ve managed to get it to list all the groups but don’t know then how to extract the users listed in that

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