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Hi everyone! Apart from Integromate and Sendgrid, is there another (free) way I can use to generate email verification code for users whenever they sign up?

Hey @Jintery,

In my opinion there are 2 things mixed in your question: OTP generation service and OTP delivery service to the user.

To generate OTP, you can use Adalo itself (add a property to Users collection and use RAND function to create the code. Also you can use Adalo to validate this code.
If you would like to have more secure way of OTP generation and validation, you can use services like Twilio OTP, m3o (Micro OTP Service - One time password generation | M3O), and others. With this approach OTP isn’t stored in Adalo, which increases the overall security level of the app.

Another question is how to deliver the OTP to a user. Most of the times you do it by email or SMS. There are tons of email and SMS providers out there - I like SendInBlue (, but also there is Sendgrid, Zoho, Mandrill, etc etc. Just search with “transactional email service” keywords.
SendInBlue is nice as it allows 300 free emails per day :wink:

Integromat can be used as an addition, but it is not mandatory.

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Thank you so much @Victor

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To me, the best for Adalo is Adastacks. It just works and makes sense. Though it costs more than the alternatives.

You can use sendinblue or elasticmail and so many others.

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