Solving Business Workflow Problems with Adalo

Here’s the problem:
As a rental business in the film industry we are responsible for hundreds of pieces of very expensive equipment that need to be tracked, maintained, cleaned & catalogued on a daily basis. We currently use a variety of software packages to fulfil each of these functions - but in order to speed up employee productivity I have been trying to find a way to make the process as easy & seamless as possible - whilst making sure that all requirements are met.

I have tried a variety of different options, from Bubble to a custom whatsapp chatbot - but none of it was working. I needed a custom app, that looks good (critical) and does EXACTLY what I need it to.

The Solution
Simple. Adalo.

Within a few days I have tested, integrated, and distributed our internal testing app to our employees on Google Play Store. They’re happy, I’m happy and now I can easily make sure that equipment has been cleaned, checked & verified.

Because the app is an internal app I won’t be able to share the actual app - but I have included some screenshots & a video walkthrough here:

After a product has been scanned the Adalo app fetches data from our asset management system, creates a “check” on that system, sends a request to our print server to print a ticket and then moves on the next screen.

Users will now be prompted to select a few checkboxes that we use to route products depending on its condition. We also ask whether the product should be released to service - if no a quarantine will be created. The user also has to upload a photo of the item - which will be uploaded to the external asset management system for future verification.


Glad to read this kind of story.

Adalo bring result.

Not just for fishing to get CTO. :grinning:

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And here is the video walkthrough: Video Walkthrough :movie_camera: