The Secret To Launching Your Adalo App In Record Time

New blog post on the Templar Design website:


Nice post. I’ve seen your YouTube videos before as well.

You mention that Adalo is one of the best platforms, and that is what I thought as well. But I can’t say it is an easy platform. I am quite expereinced with setting up complex logic, so a no-code app should be doable for me. But I keep running into things that occur to me like bugs. Today, my User Collection started to add multiple records when a new user registers a new account. These kind of things freak me out. I am usually a die-hard and hang in there until I reach my goals, but if I get the feeling that the platform itself is unstable, then I’m not sure how long it’s worth to keep trying.

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I understand where you’re coming from @Henk

I’ll transparently admit that Adalo does have some hiccups from time to time. I believe in the staff and that they’re dedicated to making Adalo better.

Any time something is happening in my apps that’s not supposed to, I submit a ticket immediately. I’m very detail-oriented so the way that I troubleshoot problems is a little meticulous. I first ensure that the problem is not something of my own doing (like putting an action where it doesn’t make sense or incorrect filter/action logic).

I’m advocating for Adalo to focus on the stability of the platform, but that requires a lot of detail about what is working well and what’s not. The more information we can provide to Adalo about what needs to be improved upon, the better they’ll understand our use cases in order to optimize the platform.

However, there is no app-building platform that can compare to Adalo when it comes to how quickly a person can create a full app with a ton of customization (with or without experience). I’ve built apps on several of the competitors’ platforms and I can honestly say that Adalo is very top-tier when it comes to flexibility, customization, and ease of use.