Some properties don't appear in the new record form

In a collection, where I have properties which have many-many relationships to records in another collection, when I add a new record, these properties don’t appear in Adalo’s new record form. This means I have to create the new record, hit done, then go back into the record to add the relevant relationships. Is this a bug or is it by design?

Hi @tjhc2, you can add visible as well as automatic fields to the forms. Please see the screenshot below for reference:

Hi @Colin, the form I’m talking about is the Adalo ‘Add new record’ form (see screenshot). On that form, I don’t see any of the relationship properties which are many-many (but I do see relationship properties which are one-many or many-one). Am I doing something wrong?

This is intentional because of how relationships work. If you create the record, you are then able to update it to add those relationships.

Thank you, makes sense

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