Some questions regarding the twitter timeline component

So i implemented the Twitter timeline component in my app, but i can seem to scroll the twitter timeline itself, but when i scroll the entire screen scrolls instead. is there anyway i can fix this?

Can you post a video demonstrating this? The scroll seems to work just fine on my side.

What browser? Or device are you using?

Yes. Here is the video, i hope it kinda explains my problem.
Thanks for the constant help Colin, appreciate it alot!

edit1: The app is running on a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

any update of this yet??

I still cannot reproduce this. What device and OS version are you running?

@dunderkid Hi!

I know Twitter Timeline uses WebView, which lots of people are/were struggling with such a scroll issue on Android for several years. There seems to be no ideal solution for that yet. WebView works fine on iOS :joy: So, I’d like to say this is an issue on Android itself.

However, I’ve found a workaround to make scrolls work:

  1. Select all items on your screen and perform “Make Group”.
  2. Apply “Edit Style - Fixed: Top”.

You can try out “Edit Style - Fixed: Bottom” as well :slight_smile:


Good morning,
Sorry for the late response, i will try this later. Thanks for the solution!! Stay safe out there

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