Spaces returned in a URL string (how to fix)

Is there anyway to stop empty spaces from being your string? It is breaking a link that I using

Hi @Lynk

Encoding? URL Decoder/Encoder
But describe your situation a bit more, I remember something similar I think.


deep linking and when I pass the URL (with variables stored in a collection : company name and such) if there is spaces in the name it is breaking the URL

OK not what I was thinking of.

Simplest solution I can think of is… you create a second field and store the same variables but this time encoded. Then reference that field instead.

Does Adalo have a builtin encoder component

Yes I think there is something in the marketplace but I don’t think it will help you on the fly. Away from my machine so can’t remember if I have it or not.
Pragmaflow may have released something useful too.
@njimmy10 is the deep linking master.

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re-visiting this…
It’s a button click component, so you could use it in a custom form for the creation and update of your records that need encoded strings, then store them in their own field.

If you want to understand deep linking in few minutes, so in this video you will understand very clear what it is and how it’s working and actually how it easy to use, but not here (no need to be master of it):

Here is what I am trying to do:
I have a market place where companies can sell their services. On the other side of things I have to customers. What I am trying to do is have a form that companies can send a link to their customers and the customer can book services with said (individual) company. I was trying to use deep linking and passing the a VAR :company_name and company_ID in the URL string. The two problems I am having is this: 1) if the company name has a space in it, it breaks the URL. 2) if the URL is not broken and the person starts to book and then moves on through the form process (2 page form) if they go to the second page of the form and then click back (to return to the first page) it variable passed in the string goes away and the company name is now gone and it breaks the booking process.
Any suggestions

Don’t move away from the screen,
Stack the forms on one screen, use visibility to show the second part.

If the user is logged in then set their current vendor when they land in that screen then reference that in your forms.

I already gave my easy solution to the url encoding. You could also use an external service. Or the Pragmaflow JavaScript component ?

You’re nearly there I reckon

See, I thought about doing the visibility thing but from a design standpoint it was driving me nuts…lol. Im going to try something with and let you know if it works out. It just got to be too much stuff on one screen on the backend while I was working on things. thanks for the input I will see if I can make it cleaner.

BTW, did I mention that part of problem is I need this to work without the end user (the customer) being logged in lol. That’s when it starts to get a little complicated.

How are you using deep linking?

I have a form for people to book services. The link is created when a member (a company) clicks on the link (from your deep linking component) and it generates the link. The company can then use that link from the website to link to the form and it passes the company name and company ID in the URL so when the person ordering the services goes to the link it can identify the company and create the reservation on the collection and assign it to them

So, what’s the issue your facing, is it my component related? Can I help somehow?

I was just trying to strip out the spaces in the URL that are in the Company Name variable. So for example when I user signs up and it asks them for their company name: Maryland Car Service. I was trying to make it return Maryland_Car_Service so that when someone copies and pastes it there are no blank spaces. That’s all

Oh, I see

I think (but Im not sure) I have figured it out and have a work around solution. So instead of have an input field that is updated when you click the button in your component, I changed it to open a webpage. When I do it that way the browser automatically encodes the blanks spaces and solves the problem. You app works great

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Great! If you need me to do any special modifications, please let me know