Backslash symbol removed from link instead of encoding

Hello Everyone,
I have an link to an image, which contains \ (backslash). It works fine in editor, but in preview - \ is removed.

If I urlencode the link in advance, it works. But I get data from external api and thus have to work with what I have

Question: is removing “\” intended or is it supposed to be encoded by adalo? If so, how can I urlencode text inside adalo

Link in preview (from Network in browser dev tools)`kyHrzWFEXwBFU_DLmANsARoBHw@BWBWA[NiBBS@IFc@BSDWBOF_@&key=***

Initial link`kyHrzWFEXwBFU\_DLmANsARoBHw@BWBWA[NiBBS@IFc@BSDWBOF_@&key=***

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