Specifying Role via a Toggle When on a Signup Screen


I had this working before but not sure what I did to mess things up.

I have a signup screen which asks the user to select a role via 1 of 4 radio button Toggles. When one toggle is selected, I have an action that unselects (sets to false) the other 3. The toggle doesn’t visually change. I notice that the only Collection available to this screen is “Logged in User”, which doesn’t seem correct since the user isn’t yet logged in.


  1. Why aren’t the toggles changing status?

  2. Is this possible in Adalo using 1 screen? I’ve seen tutorials doing this using a 2-step signup where the 1st screen would be the role selection screen then the user would be passed to a role-specific signup screen.

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I switched to using a Select Menu (drop-down list) instead radio buttons.

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