SSL is not working on my custom domain

The URL is and the error is NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID - can anyone help?

Hi @jpotts

You need to purchase an SSL Certificate. Here is a link to my domain provider. This might help.

When you purchase it do it for your main site it will cover your subdomains too.

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I dont think this is true, I think Adalo provides an SSL.

Try resetting the SSL under the settings (there’s a circle with a reset icon).

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Hi @Erik, thanks for the reply - i’m not seeing a reset button anywhere in settings, could I be in the wrong place?

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Thanks @Erik, i’ve just done that - i’ll give it some time to see if that’s worked :slight_smile:

Give it an hour or so.

Double check the adalo docs on publishing to a custom domain too. Of course if something was done incorrectly there the rest won’t work.

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All good now thanks @Erik!

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Good to know. I went ahead and purchase it for my whole website. :slight_smile:

The process is really simple. Verify that you own the domain, upload your SSL certificate and assign a certificate to that domain.

Generally people miss the process of assigning certificate. Make sure to follow step 5 (documentation).

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