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Hey Guys, I’ve spent the last day trying to figure this out.

I’m creating a squidding app thats tells the user the best colour lure to use for their particular location.

I’ve got it set up so that when the user puts their location in pulls all the necessary data (weather, wind, tides, water clarity, etc) but what I need help is creating a system which will rank that data, score it from 1-5 and then display it as a star ranking system.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, It would be a massive help!!!

Thank you

If it is user generated rating. I guess you would need to have a collection of Location_ratings
Create an integer field then use the star rating component to set the value.

Or you want some automated rating of the inputs?

Hi Caleb @Sherbet4916,

I am not sure what is “best color lure”, but as I understood, your task can be split into 3 parts:

  1. Getting and storing data about a particular location.
  2. Calculating the overall rating for this location.
  3. Displaying the rating for this location.

Part 1: you need to get the values for each “data point” for a particular location. As an option, you can get this from a user. For example, on some screen you put several inputs: Weather, Wind, Tides, and ask a user to put a value 1-5 into each input. So you will store each value in a numeric format.

In order to store the values, you can use a separate collection. The structure could look like: Location_Ratings, which has 1:M relationship to Users (so one user can submit many ratings, but each rating belongs only to one user) and 1:M relationship to Locations (so one Location can have many ratings, but each rating belongs only to one location).

And in this “Location_Ratings” collection you’ll have properties for Weather, Wind, Tides, etc. So when a user enters the data, you create a new “Location_Rating” record with these numeric values.
So you have “Submit” button, which creates a new Location_Rating with all these values in the collection.

Part 2: you will need to calculate the overall rating for the location. This, in my opinion, is the most cumbersome part as you will need to implement the correct logic (and I can’t give any detailed advice here as I have no idea how best color lure is calculated).

If you imagine something like a hotel rating, the simplest way to calculate the overall result is to sum up values from all individual properties (Weather + Wind + Tides) and divide them by number of properties (3) to have an average. Of course, you will need to have a similar rating ranges for each property (each rated 1-5), or you will need to “normalise” the numbers before.

Such calculation can be easily implemented using Custom Formulas in Adalo and it can be stored in a separate “Final Rating” property.
So in your “Rate Location” screen, on the “Submit” button you add another action to update New Location_Rating (second action after Create Location_Rating), and you store the final rating using formula.

Part 3: And the final part is to display the rating. After you create and update Location_Rating, you can link a user to another screen. And on that screen you can use Star Rating component to display value from “Final Rating”.

P.S. This is a brief explanation how ratings could be implemented and I haven’t mentioned a lot of details. E.g. you can use dropdowns or star ratings instead of inputs to get initial data, formula calculations could be more complicated, etc.etc.etc.

Hope this helps.


Hey Victor, thank you for the response. That definitely helps with a few things.

I’ve got a few problems still though: I don’t want to have several inputs for Weather, Wind, Tides, etc. because how does the user know that information? I want the user to put their location in and the app pulls that information for them.

Which I’ve already done, I’ve connected my app to Weather API and now want to calculate the rankings based on temperature, wind speeds and cloud cover.

But I’ve got one issue: I need to calculate a score from those metrics. Something like this:

**T (Temperature) **
**CC (Cloud Cover) **
WS (Wind Speed)

Rating = w1 * (100 - T) + w2 * (100 - WS) + w3 * (100 - CC)

BUT: when using a custom formula when I try to put the results in the calculation, I only have the option to use Sum, Average, Min, Max, Min / Max.

Is it possible to just use the results???

Does that make sense

Hi @Sherbet4916

We can help you in the design and development of the app as per your requirements. Let’s DM me here for a detailed discussion.

Dear @jigardinjan,

This is not the first time I see your posts which do not bring value to the discussion, but rather advertise your services. Please make contribution to the community instead of directing users to DM and selling your services.


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:slight_smile: i @Victor

Thank you for your message to attention my mind. I will note this and take care in the future. Thank you once again!!:slight_smile:

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