How to assign several ratings to an user

Hi my friend. I would like to know how to assign several ratings to an user such as: 1 - work’s rating 2 - satisfaction’s rating 3 - punctuality’s rating etc. I would also like to display the overall rating for this user. thank you for your help

What have you tried that is not working?

Because your request sounds more like a job request than asking for help.

I’m sorry if my request may seem like work. I’m just asking for help. I am making an application and I would like users to be rated according to several criteria (1- a work’s rating, 2- a courtesy’s rating, and a punctuality’s rating). I was wondering if anyone has ever made an app with similar notation to get their help. THANKS.

Hi @nouahenri,

So like display several rating components and the user can rate for that user based on them? Does the ratings options are static or changing? ( 3 or more than 3 )

Thank you

Thank you dear friend for your help.
the rating criteria do not vary. There are 4 criteria :
1- The work rating
2- The punctuality rating
3 - The cleanliness rating and
4 - The courtesy rating.
I would like to have an overall rating for each rated user that I will display on their profile. thank you so much

I’am still waiting an issue from you . Thanks you

Is this correct of what you need? : Rate users with 4 options - Preview.mp4 - Google Drive

@dilon_perera thanks you friend , I watch

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