Directly contact a user from pressing a button

hi! i’m creating a marketplace app and I want to allow the current user to be able to contact the seller (within the app) by a button in the listing page. does anyone have any idea how to do so?

Depends how you want them to be contacted? You could send them an email using custom actions.

Or you could create a chat function.

ive already created a chat function but i just dont know how i can immediately start/open a chat with the seller just by pressing the button

Did you follow the tutorial? It is covered in the video.

I’d also like to know this. i think the relationship betwee the seller and the different potential customers is where i am stuck

i have but this keeps on showing up! how do i let the logged in user instantly create a new chat with the seller or if they already have one then lead them to it?

Hi @athie, @mightyels

This thread Adalo Chat App Template - How to Remove Duplicate 'conversations' might be useful for you.

Also, @prakharm8 made a great video reg. how to start the conversation with the user / go to the existing conversation. Please see it here:

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@Victor thank you so much! however i just noticed that if i have 2 or more chats this happens!Instead of having “athie” and “example” on separate rectangles it puts them togather on two rectangles! any tips?

Hi @athie,

If I understood you correctly - you already have 2 chats created.
So if you have 2 chats then you will have 2 rectangles - it is a list of chats.
After you implement this logic on non-duplicate conversations, you need to re-start the chats, so that from this point there will be no several chats between 2 users.

@Victor i tried it but still there is no change. Lets say i already have one chat (after restarting them), whenever i go and create anotherone it creates two of both

@Victor in simpler words if ive created 2+ chats(with different users) it just displays their name as many times as the chats i have however it still has one chat for each user…please contact me if u would like for me to email u a link so u can see for urself

@Colin @pfordmedia any suggestions?

I think this thread will help with that: Adalo Chat App Template - How to Remove Duplicate 'conversations'

thanks @pfordmedia however, as far as i’ve understood, i don’t think that’s the same problem as i have! mine is just a single convo whose name just appears on my list as many times as the total conversations I’ve had with other users if u have any idea on how i could solve this please let me know:)

So is this a list within a list? As in it’s a list of conversations, then a list of people within that conversation?

@pfordmedia yes it is! something has probably gone wrong there right?

Okay cool. If I’m understanding correctly, you should be able to filter the list of names to only show the user(s) who are in the conversation rather than all users.

@pfordmedia i think ive already done so however heres a pic for u to check

Yep and just one more filter where Conversation is equal to Current Conversation

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@pfordmedia thank you sooo much!! just applied that filter and that problem was solved however this happened:

! any ideas?