Troubles with the chat feature

Hello guys,

I’m currently working on the chat feature. I’ve seen the videos and some tutorials and cloned the kit but it still won’t work. Here it is:

  • I have a list of items with a detailed with. On the detailed view I want the users to be able to connect with the user that posted the item specifically. Then a modal opens to message the seller for example and create a conversation. Please see below:

So when the user clicks the modal it creates a new conversation and a new message (first message).

I then want the user to be able to see all his conversations and for each conversation a chat.

According to the tutorial, it has a connection between conversations and users to make them “members”. However, it won’t add any members in my database. I must have missed a step and thus the chat is not working and displaying properly.

I managed to add users. You actually need to update the new conversation to add the users. The chat now works good.

However I have a displaying problem : the conversation list includes a users list (with the senders picture and the name of the conversation, i.e. the senders name).
But it won’t load, it just keep loading. Please see below.

  • I don’t know how to display the senders picture, it is just possible to add the logged in user’s picture.

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