Stop a screen from sending data to the next screen

Is there a way to stop a screen from sending data?

For instance, at the completion of a process, you are linking from a confirmation screen back to the home screen, but all the data sent to the confirmation screen is being sent back to the home screen.

Can’t this be controlled? Is there no way it affects the performance of the app?

Hi @base1,

That’s an interesting question.
I’m not aware of any built-in method of forbidding to send the data to the next screen. If you definitely want to stop that, you might try to create an artificial data conflict (i.e. create some screen with a different data, like list of smth, add a button to the list and link it to the home screen). Then you’ll have a conflict and data may become unavailable. But then you’ll have another data available :slight_smile:

In my opinion, additional available data should not greatly affect the app performance.

Would be interested to know what other community members think.

Best regards, Victor.

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