Distribute apps directly to users via email attachment

Hi, I am building apps for private company use – not for public use. Do not want to use the Apple store nor the Google Play store. We would like to send our apps to selected users via their User Email addresses. Is this possible with Adalo?

Mary P.

I may have an answer for my own question :-))
If I were to create a web app and make it responsive I should be able to provide the app directly to my company’s users and give them the flexibility to use the app on the phone or on a tablet or desktop.

Any thoughts out there from more experienced Adalo developers. Thanks. Mary

Hi Mary, there are ways you can publish apps internally via Apple or android.

The easiest way you can do it is with testflight publishing and internal app testers/internal release on andoird.

hope it helps

Hey Axme,
Thanks for the quick response. I also did a quick prototype test whereby I create a responsive Web app in Adalo, copy the web address and email that to a client’s gmail address. Client opens their phone (android or iphone), (either enables WiFi or mobile phone data), opens their email and clicks on the link to the web app. The web app opens and is sized to fit the phone.

This is exactly what I was looking for.