Stories like e-learning app


we’d like to introduce stories to our learning app.
General idea is that we want to serve micro-content in similar to stories fashion.

General idea is that each story will show one of those:

  1. Image
  2. Background image + image + text + video content

Here is some example from other apps.

The problem is that I generally need standardised container with fixed width and height and content put in there.

I tried to build a group with image as container and all other stuff on top but the problem is that background image just changes size depending on the content in side.

Any ideas how to make it?

Hi @gskrypka ,

If your content is quite static, you might find bannerhq to the rescue.

The content changes. The useful are should be static like in stories. You usually have a very concrete 9:16 are where the content is shown. I need to copy this effect.

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