Looking for an LMS (e-learning) template

Hey all,

Wondering if anyone has a cloneable template for an LMS or e learning app, I was looking at the old Templar design but they no longer do this due to their marketplace no longer existing. Wondering if anyone has came across any others! TIA

Hi @Ryzo,

I have built some e-learning apps but couldn’t share them because of the privacy. Could you share the features you are looking so I can look what I have and bring up a solution?

Thank you

Hey @dilon_perera

Looking the ability to have various courses and then various lessons within those courses, Users can track their progress by marking each lesson complete etc that’s the main aim of it.

Bonus features would be little assessments, knowledge tests as they go also.

Oh great! I have a app like this which I built for a client and I’ll ask from him and share it! So you want to get access or just see a preview?

Ideally I’d love to find a cloneable basic version that I can customise and build upon, but even just getting a look at what’s been built would help if starting from scratch, appreciate the help!

Hi @Ryzo

Currently, we are developing an above similar kind of website backend functionality. Kindly refer to the Figma link below for the website frontend UI design work:

Let’s DM me here for the details discussion further.

But it’s not built in Adalo. So you shouldn’t be posting this content.

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