Stripe ACH transfer component, what's going on?

Hi! I know someone created a post about this in December, but I did not see any response.
What happened to the Stripe ACH component, Is there any official response from Adalo?
When can we expect it to be working again?

Is there anyone out there that has created alternative stripe components?

I created a few apps in Adalo, Haven’t been around last year, came back because a client needs an app and I fell in love with Adalo, but I see the lack of communication from Adalo Staff as a recurring theme. What is going on? It’s really off-putting. Not sure if I should look for another alternative.

I started to build a new stripe component, but my servers were shut down accidentally by Adalo on Friday so component building is on hold for now.

The lastest news on stripe from Adalo is this

Besides that you can follow the Stripe component update


Thanks a lot for the updates! Hope you can get everything up and running soon!

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