Stripe component help

I can’t seem to figure out how to actually block off say an item in my app to be behind the paywall.

Example of what I’m trying to do:
12 items to select
10 items locked unless subscription
2 items free

User clicks any of the 10 locked items, a modal pops up with the paywall. User buys subscription, app refreshes and unlocks all items.

I get adding the items/products in stripe, but how do I actually tell which item in the app itself to block behind the paywall?

You block the action on the front end in Adalo using custom visibility, or conditional actions.

So you could have a button that is ‘sometimes visible’ if logged in user paid = true.

Or you can always have the button but have the action on it only happen if logged in user paid = true.

These are 2 key ways to direct the user depending on certain variables in Adalo


Hmm, ok that makes more sense but now confuses me in another area. lol. Let me start messing around with things. lol


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