Saving merchant Stripe ID + redirect issues

I’m running some tests with Stripe and running into a few issues:

• Premise: I have 2 different Stripe accounts

• Stripe onboarding is successful, and gives me positive feedback that I can safely close and return to Adalo (also, can that be changed to my app name?)

• Upon closing, would the previous screen (the one with the Connect button) change to something else automatically? I don’t see an “action” option here…

• Merchant Stripe ID not saving: the Adalo docs refer to “current merchant”, would this work with “Logged in User”? (Tried bot and don’t work)

Additionally, it seems as if you’re only able to obtain a Stripe Client ID when manually setting up Connect…am I missing something?

Aware of this issue, even I’m also facing the same issue, waiting for Adalo to fix ASAP.

What’s the status @Colin ?

seems to be working for me now…wondering if it was on Adalo on Stripe?

We pushed some updates to our Stripe component yesterday. Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue.

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that particular issue seems resolved, now there’s a new one (screenshot attached)

Stripe Subscription Component in Test mode

(same test credentials working successfully for Payment component in Test Mode)

After a few successful tests…now getting:

An unknown error occurred. Please make sure your card number is correct and try again.

it’s likely due to “Marketplace Account ID” conflicting with “Test Mode”

Haven’t run actual purchases yet so I don’t have a way to tell if Marketplace Account ID does work.

I have reported the issue to the team and it will be worked on when possible. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.

UPDATE: Stripe Live Mode does work.

Successfully deposited funds, marketplace fee to the platform (my app) while sending net funds to the merchant (Current User > Stripe Account ID).

I love that Adalo added Test Mode, let’s just make sure Live and Test (Development Mode ) API keys don’t conflict, as this will convert way more makers, giving them the confidence that payments (and fees) can easily be collected.

Linking up bank accounts, especially for the first time, sharing personal information and pass it around different apps via API can be intimidating, so seeing errors like this could be a deterrent for makers.

Happy to go in depth or make a tutorial about this to highlight strengths and weaknesses of this flow.

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Happy to go in depth or make a tutorial about this to highlight strengths and weaknesses of this flow.

We are always happy to receive tutorials made by the community and outlining the strengths and weaknesses of a component of course is great feedback to help us improve :slight_smile:

I’m glad you got it working and look forward to seeing your app when launched! :slight_smile:

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so…i’m in the middle of making this tutorial…and the redirect problem is back!

Connect with Stripe appears successful, but no new account id is being created in Stripe, and therefore can’t be recorded in Adalo’s DB.

what’s unfortunate, more than the tutorial itself is that my current app (in beta testing) is also suffering from this so i can’t onboard new users…

you guys must have been working on this bc it’s working again :slight_smile:

suspecting Stripe wasn’t working as expected bc you were finalizing Test Mode, as per the update 17 hours ago.

It does appear that some fixes were pushed for Stripe. Please let me know if you still have any problems here.

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