Stripe Connect Endpoint 'customers/' Fails and App Breaks


I have a stripe connect component (already configured) and working properly in the PWA version of my app. Looking at the developer tools, I see that Stripe’s endpoint fails with status 500, with a message of PROBLEM FETCHING STRIPE CUSTOMER: Error: Request failed with status code 500.

I believe there are 3 endpoints called with this Stripe component, the one that fails is the first one:

In the PWA version of the app, there’s a spinner that when it happens appears “Loading” and when the other 2 run and have a status of 200, it returns the message “Stripe account connected!” or the button to connect to Stripe.

My issue is that when I create a TestFlight build and when I try to access the screen where I have this component, everything breaks and I’m not able to do nothing in the app. This is a main functionality of the app so I need to make this component work.

Can you help with that?

Hi Martin,

Welcome to the Community! :partying_face:

Please submit a support ticket.

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Hi James!

I did also submit a ticket at the same time I created this post but have not had any response.

Can you help me push this to Adalo’s Engineers? This is affecting a deadline with my client.


I’ll try to escalate it and bring it to their attention but I can’t guarantee and quick resolution as of now.

Also, was this working before? If yes, try removing the stripe component then re-add it. :slight_smile:

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Hi James!

I have not had any response back in my ticket. Can you help me out with this?

As mentioned before, this is critical to the delivery of my application. This is a core functionality from Adalo.

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, that’s weird. I submitted a ticket on Friday and got a response today. :slight_smile:

Hi James!

I have not had any luck, haven’t had a response from the Support team.

Can you help me with that? Are engineers fixing the issue now?

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