Stripe Connect "Missing Component" in Testflight

Hi, I fully configured and added the stripe connect component to a testflight app. I’m getting a red box “Missing Component: @protonapp/stripe-component.StripeConnect” where the component should be.

Also, what are the future options for digital wallet integration in a marketplace scenario? ie. Give users the option to complete their payment to a marketplace partner with - Apple Pay, Google Pay etc.

Even I’m looking for google play integration

Hi @jgreenwfc, that’s definitely strange. We can take a look and see what’s going on. As for digital wallet integration it is something that is on our radar, but not currently in progress.

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I had two spaces missing in the Stripe Client ID…that appeared to fix the issue in the previewer. Pushed an update to Testflight and still receiving the same error where the stripe connect button should be.

**third time’s the charm - appears to be functioning in Testflight now.