Stripe Errors: Random Unknown Error and Public Key error

Hey everyone!

I have a stripe component in my app. I added it, went through the process of signing up for stripe through the “Connect to Stripe” button in Adalo. Adalo says “Your Stripe account is not fully setup”. I confirmed everything in Stripe is correct and filled out.

When testing out a payment, when I got to the component it shows an error: “An unknown error occured. Please make sure your card number is correct and try again” as soon as I get to it, without entering in any card information.

Then when I try to make a payment it gives me another error that says “Platform error: stripe public key not provided”.

I see my public key in Stripe, but I don’t have any way to add it to Adalo.

Has anyone else had this issue? Or does anyone know how I may be able to resolve it?


@austinkthompson If you can DM me your Adalo Login Email I’ll be happy to take a deeper look as we don’t typically have many Stripe Errors. I do get an error when trying to test at $0, you will need to charge at least $0.54 for testing. We are working on a test component for Stripe.

Hi Ashley! The issue resolved itself (thankfully). Not sure what caused it but it was showing the “Connect to Stripe” button with the “Your Stripe account is not fully setup” message below it. I clicked the Connect to Stripe button a day or two later, logged in, and it updated and now says “Stripe Connect Active”. Since the error messages were part of the Stripe component itself, it may have been an issue on their end.

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