Stripe Integration: how are you logging successful orders in Adalo?

Here’s a loom vid that reproduces my issue:

TL;DR I’m trying to write an order record when Stripe processes a credit card successfully.

  1. Is there a way to log the transaction ID that comes back from stripe? Didn’t see where that gets exposed.
  2. How about a way to log the items that were in the order?
  3. Then mark them as paid so others can’t double-book?

This is basically for the scenario where a sponsor is logging into our sponsor portal and “adopting” volunteers to cover their ticket costs for an event. I’ve got it mostly there but am confused on how to do the above. TIA


So FWIW to close the loop on this issue I dumbed down the checkout experience so there’s no concept of a cart now. I just put the Stripe checkout on the volunteer details page. I was hoping to make it more friendly to sponsoring multiple people but it’s actually not that bad the way it works now- the Stripe widget retains your cc on checkout so the next one is basically one-click simple. So this will suffice but I’m still surprised the Stripe Transaction ID isn’t exposed for logging on successful checkout… That seems important for reconciliation purposes.

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This would be easy if the actions after the successful payment worked. At the moment they are not working. Even a link action to another page won’t work.

Did anyone ever find a way to log the striple transaction ID? this would be important for tracking payments, issuing refunds etc.

Anyone figure out a work around?