Stripe Marketplace Native Error

I have configured the marketplace account with the client’s Stripe ID.

When making a purchase in the web version of my app, everything processes as intended:
98% of purchase gets routed to client’s Stripe account
2% of purchase gets routed to my Stripe account

When making a purchase in the native version of my app, I receive the following in-app error:
“There was an unexpected error – try again in a few seconds”

When I view the Stripe error logs for ‘Incomplete’ transactions, I see the following:
“The PaymentIntent requires a payment method”

Any idea why this is working perfectly fine on the web app but failing on the native app?

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Hi @idunksxc7!

This has been solved. Please create a new native build and please reach out to us by submitting a support ticket if you still face an issue.

– A