Stripe Eshop Id Account ok but error when payment

Hello, I have this problem for weeks.
All is fine with connect id - on the database of the eShop collection comes
then error when payment it s done.
when I took off the id from the db, it works but it sent me to my stripe account
I asked Adalo to help me for weeks but don’t seems to find the problem.
Let me know please if you can help me or if you have any idea
thank you so much and good evening

Is the error from stripe is it from the app. If you provide some screenshots, I can try to help.
I have managed to make stripe payments.


Thank you Strato.

Here is the situation.

It s a marketplace

And when I try leave the strip account id empty, it works (so the problem is in adalo or stripe) but of course it send it to my stripe, but I want to send it to stripe current company of the market place.

I have this problem for more than almost two month and really start to get angry with Adalo to be so slow and to pay for already 5 months pro account without to be able to use my app’s properly as other problems were there before.

So I ll be happy to have any help

Thank you so much


Hi buddy,

I understand the frustration. I think the problem is in your stripe account. Check that you have an express account in stripe activated.

To test this, Pretend to be one of your Market vendors, and create a stripe account that will give you a stripe ID. (make sure that stripe ID is saved as part of the vendor profile)

Under market place specify the amount your market place will keep. If you keep 50% this is what will come out.

For example if your price is $10;
Stripe will take 2.9% + $0.3 of that.

About 8.50 will be left and you will end up with 50% of that and that rest will to the stripe ID owner.

Let me know if you have any questions

In my screen shot, you see a Stripe ID account, I try already with a real vendors.
And I have also already an express account activated
I really try everything

Anyone with the same problem ?
I have this problem for more than one month :frowning:

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