Test Stripe payments

Hi, I’m trying to test if my flows work by using the test credit card 4242 4242 4242 4242 01/22 123 but it’s not working. I’ve tested it with a product ID in test and in live mode and I was not able to pay.

Any idea how to test your payments flow for subscriptions?

One reason why this could be is that I have put a variable that links the plan ID instead of the plan ID

msg seems to also say that you should not be in live mode, but in test mode,
(or use a real number)

thanks! is there a specific way to test payment flows in Adalo?

Stripe test mode is coming soon, so you have to wait for it. To know more please visit ideas.adalo.com


Although I have little doubt that stripe ‘just works’, being able to test payment processing in Apps is an absolutely critical requirement and I look forward to its release.
I’m developing an app which takes payments. In the meantime, I’ve done a limited amount of confidence testing using temporary virtual bank cards. For larger scale testing I’ve added a ‘test payment’ button to a demo version of my app - which creates a payment database record just as it would be created after the stripe payment event. Not ideal, but it allows me to test my app’s payment handling with a large enough set of pretend transactions.


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