Stripe Plan ID Not Found

I copied the product ID directly from Stripe into the Adalo plan ID field but when a user tries to purchase the subscription, it says that the plan ID is not found. I don’t see any other “Plan ID” on Stripe. Can anyone help with this?

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Ensure that you are logged into the Stripe account that is active in your system and that the Plan ID is from that Stripe account. Also ensure that you set up the plan, pricing and subscription time for the plan.

@ashley Thanks for responding! The problem is that I don’t see any plan ID on my Stripe account. I only see Prod_ ID’s for my products.

I have tested this now and it appears that you will need to use the API ID which is price_(random string). This worked for creating an active subscription on a test I did. We will update our help documents as such.


The help page is not yet updated. This made me lose an hour… :wink: