Stripe Subscription Test Mode

Hi Guys,
Has anyone tested the stripe subscription function in test mode?
I correctly pasted the test API keys for publishable and Secret.
I turned the test mode both on Stripe and Adalo.
I already tried using price_ID and Details_ID in the plan ID field.
I already tried with and without the magic text in all of the fields.

Hi @aagrawal009u,

I never tested this but if it’s not working correctly please submit a support ticket.

I did that for weeks for Stripe issues and really start to get tired to pay a pro plan for months and not using my project

I haven’t been testing much with the subscription function since mine is set for yearly. However, my Stripe is currently in test mode and works correctly with the test card information from the Stripe website.

It was also working well with test mode few weeks ago but not on live mode, even if I completely copy all the apps in another db. Stuck and …

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I’ve been trying this since November and i think it’s a known bug by Adalo that subscriptions don’t work in test mode @Colin

Is this still an ongoing issue? How is everyone doing on this Stripe Subscription option?

Last year I used it a lot and worked perfect but now I am doing some changes and it doesn’t work …

Had the wrong forum thread opened, apologies.