Stripe Submit Button actions not working


I have stripe one time payments, that works fine. But the actions that follow it are not working. I cannot even leave the page after a successful payment. let alone update the databases.

Any ideas to help please…

I have had same problem before most probs its a bug, if so you could message support!

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I have messaged support, no response back yet. I’ve stripped it down but still no luck. What success have you had with it?

I have some news on this:
The submit button in the stripe will only work with the simple local actions like linking screens and updating local collections. Do not use it for updating external collections. It wont work.

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All works fine for you ? on live mode ?

It turns out the best way to make an action like to go through with no hiccups is using an image. In live mode this is what works

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Ok, thx but what do you mean please by using an image?

This seems to be related to another issue posted here that No buttons with Link action are working today.

I made an image, made it look like a button and inserted my actions in it

Can you send a recording of your issue so I can help you better?
If the issue is already fixed, just ignore my reply.

No, it’s not fixed just a work around.

There’s a submit button in the stripe pay component. In that button you can add actions after payment is successful. The only actions that’s working is link to other pages and local actions.

An action to update an external collection won’t work.

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When people try to pay from there, do they get any error message?

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I don’t have the same problem. My action works on the stripe button.

The buyer’s card goes through just fine.
Fa, what external collection do you connect to? Airtable or?

Live mode ?
I use Adalo collection.
All goes fine from the card to my strip e account but not when I put the magic text to have the payment done to the strip account of the current company of my market place. So I m stuck for the payment after lot of months of work on this app

Was in the process of building this, What about in submit add a link to a Modal for 1 second (countdown) after that will action a External collection update?

My work around is;
Use the stripe submit button to link to local actions (update local adalo collections, link to local pages etc…)

So I use it to take the payment then link to another screen.
On that new screen; I use a normal button and ask the user to confirm shipping address and complete the purchase.

And the follow up action is to update the external collection.

Normal adalo buttons work with external collections just fine

Hi @strato, are you still having this issue, or is it now fixed?

I have not taken the risk to turn it off and check. I’ll try it later today.

Update on this…
It works just fine now.