Link not working

Hi guys,

I’m having trouble using the link when a user clicks a submit button in a form. All the other actions behind the submit button work but only the last action, linking back to the home page is not working.

I am using Airtable as an external database to avoid filling up the Adalo database with large images.

The actions behind the submit button are the following:

  1. Create a record for the collection in the Adalo database
  2. Compress the uploaded image using the TinyPNG API
  3. Update the current user (number of shared images)
  4. Trigger a notification to related users
  5. Create an airtable record
  6. Delete the new record in the Adalo database
  7. Link back to the home page

Now all actions behind the submit button are working except the link back to the home page. I tried adding the link again, but without success.

Any way to fix this? I have no idea what could be going wrong.

Below a screenshot of the actions behind the submit button:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Alexander,

My best guess is that there is too many actions on that one button.

My suggestion:

  • Only do a few actions on that button
  • Link to an intermediate screen that has a transition of NONE, then after the actions are done on the intermediate screen, link to home.

This video by @Victor can help you create an intermediate screen if you need help.

Hi @alexanderpwlyn,

Some ideas reg. you case:

  1. You can do a test - copy the form, and start deleting the actions one-by-one, and see when the link starts working.

  2. You can try to link to a different page and see what happens.

  3. You can reduce the number of actions. As I understand, the result is that you have pictures stored in Airtable. If you’re fine with storing full-size pictures there, you can user preview feature of Airtable. Or there is mini-extenstion which allows to resize pictures in bulk in Airtable.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi guys,

Found the problem. The ‘delete record’ action caused the trouble. Deleted the action and now the whole sequence runs and the final action, that links the user to a certain screen afterwards works as well.

Don’t know why the ‘delete record’ action is causing trouble though.

Thanks for your input @James_App_Maker and @Victor !

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