Stripe subscription component not working

I looked through the forum and saw somebody posted about this but the question was never answered. There seems to be some sort of bug in the stripe subscription component as it is always returns an error when in test mode.

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My stripe component is not working in a different case (when live, it does not show the manage subscription part where people can unsubscribe). Is that working for you?

Mine also does not work. I think the component doesn’t support that for same reason. Might have to do a workaround with zapier and a button to unsubscribe or do it manually

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@ashley fyi the stripe subscription component is not working once again. I’ve sent more documentation on the problem tthrough support with Colin in case it helps figure it out. It’s quite important as we have people subscribing to the apps and they need to be able to see these apps are not scams and they can unsubscribe.

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the component is supposed to have it. it’s just a bug on Adalo’s side (it happened before with this component). So if you wait 1-2 days it might get fixed. @mbn2

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do you know anything about the plaid competent for doing ach? ive been having trouble with that but nobody seems to know

@Colin and @ashley I can confirm that both of these are issues. Stripe subscription component is completely down at the moment.

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Thank you @pfordmedia for raising visibility!

@pfordmedia have you submitted a ticket about this? or shall I submit one?

You can submit one if you like, but I was able to see the Manage Subscription on the live version but not in test mode. Also of note is that my old Stripe account works fine in test mode but my new Stripe account gives me an “Incorrect card number” error when in test mode. Could be due to some of the changes Stripe has made to their onboarding and verification processes.

I also was not able to use the test mode on my PWA.
I tried the Manage subscription on the live mode and it was not working. Did you see it in a recently created stripe component or on an old adalo app?

Yes live mode is working on a newly created (less than a day) Stripe component. Test mode though, still no.

Hi everyone,

Just tried - test mode in Stripe Subscription doesn’t work.
At Stripe, customer test accounts are created successfully, card is added. But no subscription is added.
In Chrome dev console there is a 500 error from one of the Adalo servers…

Do I understand correctly, that this component can manage the subscriptions as well? And I don’t have to create a customised API structure to check all this?


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Good to confirm the issue @Victor thank you! And yes you can only manage the subscription insofar as you can cancel your subscription and update your card information. As far as I know it does not support upgrading, downgrading, or issuing refunds and prorates if people cancel their subscription (I had to build a complex Integromat flow for this).


Hi @pfordmedia ,

Thanks a lot for clarification!


I tried today.
Test mode for subscription is NOT working yet (adding the client but not linking the sub).
Payment component however works fine.

Is this something Adalo is working on?

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Guys, is there any tutorial on how to set this up?
And what’s the best way to make it possible to hide certain things when the user is not subscribed?

The problem I have with a Boolean (for example subscribed?) is when the subscription ends how do I update that Boolean to false again?

And I have different levels of subscriptions (basic, plus, pro), so a Boolean won’t work. Instead I use subscription level now in the user collection. But the same problem persists, how do I make sure this level changes to 0 when the subscription ends?

When the user is not subscribed and they see one screen, you should make a long screen and make 2 groups:
Group 1: all components that non subscribers see. Visibility rule: is paying subscriber? false
Group 2: all components subscribers would see.

You can make different groups for each subscription plan and use this as visbility rule:
1: create a text field in the user. “subscription plan name”
2. when user subscribes, at the submit button you need to automaticallly enter “basic”, “pro”, “plus”
3. For the groups, make one group for each visibility plan and then “only visible” if “logged in user → subscription plan name” contains the name of the subscription plan

Let me know if this helps or you need more detials.

I’m currently investigating how to update the boolean for my own app

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Good plan, like you said too, the only thing is how to change the boolean.

Is there any news on this? Is the test sub component working?