Is the Stripe Subscription component working?

The Stripe Subscription component doesn’t appear to be working in test.
This is the error I receive (which seems to be in keeping with what others have experienced previously):


I see from the forum the component has had something of a troubled past…

In the ‘Plan ID’ I’ve used both the product id and the price id, neither worked.
I have the correct ‘Publishable key’ and ‘Secret key’ (I’m using the same on the Stripe single product component).

I’m happy to log a support ticket if needed.

This is a huge blocker for us, was hoping to launch next week, but can’t, not without this working… :frowning:

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Hi @msmurfitt,

I just tested my Stripe in test mode and had no issues, although, mine has been set up for some time. If you are trying to set up for the first time and experiencing issues, it may be worth a ticket. Also just to note, there is a Test Publishable Key and a Test Secret Key to use in Test Mode.


Thanks for the reply.
I’m pretty confident that the test key’s are fine as they’re in use on the single payment Stripe component (I copied and pasted them :slight_smile:
I’ll log a support call and see if there’s any help in Adalo central…


Hopefully, this isn’t typical behavior for the Stripe component. It’s interesting that you have it set up for the single payment feature and working fine! Good luck!

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I had this same issue. The problem is with the test mode.
I recommend testing the live mode for something like $1.

This is what I did and it worked.


Thanks @Michael, that’s not a bad idea.
I have no doubt Stripe will work (it just works), so any testing shouldn’t turn out to be too costly…

I am using stripe and the payment works great. Try it live with a small fee.
My issue is that the actions that follow after successful payments are not working. even the link to leave the page. I am seeking help but no responses yet.

Hi, I tried both, the test mode and the production mode (with an small fee) with a real transaction and I’m still not able to perform any of that.

Did someone tried a new setup in these days?

Working fine for me, which ID did you use? I often forget and use the plan_XXX instead of the price_XXX :smiley: .

Hi @JL_LJ ,

I’m using the price_XXXXXX ID . I tried with both test and production mode (with a test card and a real card) but it is not working.

I tried removing Adalo access credentials keys from Stripe and integrating again the Stripe component but now I’m getting a new error.

Even if the integration with Stripe is done.

I’m not sure what to try next. I started a ticket with the support for this.

I never got to the bottom of this…
The single payment was working fine, so that’s what we’re using for the time being as we’re still testing.
When we go live, in the next few weeks I’ll switch everything over to live and test the subscription component…which I assume will work otherwise they’d be a whole bunch of noise on this forum if not… :slight_smile:

To be honest, I am thinking of just using to keep payments outside. Invoice Ninja has payment gateways and generates all tax and invoice data. I will put probably 3 days trial and then invoice ninja sends invoice for them to pay and Integromat can check the records in order to update user “Paid, Not Paid”.