Stuck on loading screen when moving to next linked screen (Adalo/XANO)


I am not able to move to next screen after an action finishes. I am able just to go back to previous page. I am building an app where customer can add his bank account to the app.
First of all I am displaying a list of banks to the customer.

which looks like this:

then when customer clicks on a bank then I generate a link by using XANO backend which would allow me to direct the customer to bank’s authentication.

In this function I enter just two inputs (bankID, which customer does by clicking on the screen (this works and I am able to save it in DB) and userID so I can link it to the customer.
All of this is successfull and I can see in my DB that all fields are successfully stored (2 from Adalo and 4 others from different APIs)

As the next function I link it to the next screen like a regular screen

but when I preview and choose a bank (and I see the there is succesful entry in DB with all the data) I am directed to a loading page which never ends and I am stuck in the loop. I’ve tried linking to other screens and still does not work. Can anyone help me, I am stuck here… :frowning:

Have not been able to solve this :frowning:

This is what I see in network tab:

and it just keeps spinning and I get stuck

Thanks to @dilon_perera, the issue was resolved.
The problem was that in XANO my API did not have a set up response. The API call itself was successfull and records were saved in DB, but I did not have a propper response configured which ADALO needs to know that all went well thus the screen got frozen.

My response to the API was set up like this :

Once I changed it to:

It started working fine.

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