Only want to show database items for logged in user

Hi there

I would like to show a list of items unique to each logged in user in forms. Here is a short loom video describing the problem - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
Also, here is the app Doubles Tennis Tracker Clone On the database side, I want each user to have its own list of opponents. One thought was a new table for each userOpponent but that seems like a bad idea and also not very scalable.

An example app would be great to see if anyone has any handy. Also, if you are an Adalo expert, I would love to work with you. I have contacted many with no responses.


Hi @moorecats,

You need a One to Many relationship between the Opponents collection and Users collection. ( 1st one when creating the relationship in the Opponents collection and 2nd one when creating the relationship in the Users collection ) And then on the form that creates opponents you can add that User relationship property in the set automatically section and fill it with Logged in user. And then to display them on a list you can add a filter on the list that Logged in user’s > Opponents.

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I’m not a expert still but If you like we can work together! Also there are many experts listed on the Adalo Experts page that you can hire! : Find Freelance Adalo Designers, Developers, & Agencies

Thank you