Sum when its 3 collections


I have 3 collections:

Users, Teams, Points.

Users have a connection with 1 team.

User can have multiple points.

I want to show the user all the points that his team has.

I don’t see how to solve it?

Thanks for help

A few thoughts on this…

If you are managing collections through Adalo, you may have to create a new property in each collection that acts as a “rollup”.

So for example, in your Users database, create a new property called “Points Count”. Then through custom actions, you can input the latest count of the Points Relationship Property into the new rollup property you created.

Then in your Teams collection, you would have another new rollup property called “User Points Count”. Here, you’d input a count of all the related Users’ points rollups.

It’s a bit of a multi-step process, but it may be a workaround if someone doesn’t have any better suggestions.

Also, have you considered using Airtable collections? Airtable has an automated “Rollup” field type that could do this for you without the need for custom actions. As an alternative.

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Hi @dzwebner ,

Take a look at this cloneable app,

To sum a total like this, we need batch update, which uses countdown component, as many experts have shown this in their videos.

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Hey there. There is a simpler way.

Just create a new property in the collection - ‘team’ called as team points.

Everytime any user of the team gets a point, update the team points (add team previous points to the number of points the user scored just now)

Now you can display the team points using magic text.

Logged In User → Team → Team Points

Hope this helps


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