Suspend marketplace components that are undocumented or non-functional

I would propose that Adalo suspend components which are currently unusable either due to bugs or lack of documentation. There’s a thread of 26 messages here of people unable to make the Friendly URL component work. The author is MIA, a few have offered to make a tutorial but nobody has- from my perspective this component doesn’t actually work.

Until there are any adverse consequences there’s no incentive for this to ever get fixed. Deactivating the component will either induce the author to step up and document it properly or its absence will create a void that invites a new dev to create a substitute that actually works. Either of those outcomes is better than what exists now.



Agreed, so early on in the life of the marketplace this sets a slippery slope and decreases the quality and value of the marketplace.

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Diplomacy is of course the best measure in these instances. We try to give the developer a chance to fix or solve issues themselves as they are best suited to do so and it is their prerogative.

We do understand also that certain functionalities not working is a frustrating experience.

As the marketplace is still new, we are taking all these issues in to consideration and learning from them so that we may improve the service over time.

Sure @Colin use diplomacy. But that’s like saying “be courteous” - it solves nothing ultimately. The solution has to involve enacting and enforcing a policy that sets a standard of quality with anything published in the marketplace. I recognize this whole effort is early and in the same way Apple couldn’t have insisted on the standard of quality they now have with the App Store in the early days. But it’s a slippery slope when you knowingly allow broken stuff to accumulate in the marketplace.

That thread I linked above has 26 messages from disgruntled people struggling to make the component work (and would almost certainly have more if comments hadn’t been deactivated).

I’ve been a loyal proponent of Adalo, actively answered many questions in the forums and been a paying customer since January but I have cancelled my subscription over this issue unfortunately. I’ll revisit the software again further down the road when things are more fully baked and you have a better answer in this situation than “diplomacy.”

+1 on action above if developer is unable to update or delegate.

Has anyone gotten the friendly URL to work?

Glide just pushed out deep links today . . .


This is ultimately my fault. I didn’t do a good enough job of testing this component when it was submitted. The author originally only intended for this to be a private component, but given that we don’t have Friendly URLs released as a standalone feature yet, I thought this could provide some value in the meantime. Unfortunately, I only tested a use case using the username property. In re-testing this now, it’s clear that it doesn’t work with other collections. We’re going to work with the author of the component to either fix the bug or remove it from the public marketplace.


Cool Ben. Thx for acknowledging. Hope you guys can get it sorted out. It’s a key feature.

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