Tasks to complete 4 days in a row but only once each day?


I am trying to build an app on Adalo that would coach people to adopt a fixed number of good habits.

To make it easier for them, my idea is to give them one habit at a time and have them accomplish it daily for 4 days before giving them a new habit. Then they would have to accomplish this new habit and the previous one for 4 days consistently before they get access to a new habit and so on…

If they fail to complete their habits consistently for 4 days, then they need to start from scratch and complete them for 4 days.

I have a basic knowledge of DBs and I am trying to think of ways to accomplish this but before I scratch my head further I wanted to know if, on the face of it, this sounds like it would be possible to accomplish through Adalo?

One of my main issues (among many others!) is to make sure a user can mark a task complete only once a day.

Any feedback or advice would be deeply appreciated!

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Hi @jnestour ,

Just seen this thread at the bottom of other threads.

Here is about creating tasks in the future.

For checking all tasks given, you need another interim screen that consist of list with countdown that iterate checking, and summarize to hidden input field (variable) for you to process.

Let me know if this is still your current pursuit.