Sendgrid Demo and difficulty sending emails through custom actions

@Ben Your Sendgrid and custom actions demo was great. Thanks for putting that together. Completed every one of those steps with no trouble…testing on the Adalo and Sendgrid sides work perfectly. However, when I run the custom action, I dont seem to get any calls to the API and no emails are sent. Using templates in Sendgrid and included those as a parameter in the API set and wondering if that has something to do with it. Any thoughts?

Alternatively, I have three different emails that need to go out through custom actions in the app. Any suggestions for a better platform or way to do it easily would be appreciated. I have not tried Zap and have little experience with email integrations.



I know you mention you are using a Sendgrid template. Have you been successful without using a template?

Hey Ashley,

I got it going with the dynamic template approach. Found some examples in the sendgrid api documentation that helped me through it. Related to how I put the template ID into the API call.


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