Test app locally

Is it possible to download an app to use it live locally on my device without push to the app store?

@adamg if you are using Android, you can run a build and install the app with the APK. With iOS you can publish to your TestFlight account and test with that. Otherwise, you can use the share link, located in the top right share button, to view the app on your phone through the browser.

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Is there any way to create an APK and test the app in android on the free account? I want to test my app on a mobile device before I publish.

Creating builds is a paid feature I’m afraid.

Hey Zach!

Just a question related to this: for Android, do we need a Firebase account to download and install the APK?

I’ll be testing the native app for the first time & just wanted to be clear. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

No you do not need those to download and install the APK.

Thanks for your reply, Colin!

Sorry for the delay in response.

Could you clarify that further?

How would one do so without a Firebase account?

I believe we need the google-services.json & the Service Account Key file downloaded from a Firebase account or am I mistaken?

Many thanks in advance.

You can find full details here: https://help.adalo.com/testing-your-app/publishing-to-the-google-play-store

You will complete that firebase setup in order to create the build wihtin Adalo. You can then download the apk directly from Adalo.

I’ve set everything up and just waiting for my Android build to finish now. I’ve done this to continue developing an app using the QR Scanner component.

Is making a small change, then rebuilding every single time to test the only way I can test the scanner functionality? :grimacing:

Can we test the app on xcode simulator with adaloHQ app because I’m getting error everytime even its a component of react native